Law Office of Linda K. Frieder -
Areas of Practice
We practice law in wide range of the legal field to suit our clients variety of legal needs. Our most popular areas of practice are shown below. Please call or submit an e-mail for information on our areas of practice.
Criminal Law:
Aggressive Representation whether Felonies, Misdomeaners, Infractions, Alternative Sentencing and Expungment.
Family Law:
Our strategies and courses of action are based upon your specific needs for practical and effective solutions to your financial and legal situation.
Civil Litigation:
The Law Office of
Linda K. Frieder represents
people with personal
injury accident, civil rights,
breach of contract, collection
and landlord tenant claims for
 clients who have suffered
injuries due to the negligence
and/or fault of another person
with injuries ranging from the
bounced checks to the

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